Why join PayperHeadnow.com?

PAY-PER-HEAD NOW caters to all agents who appreciate all the advances of technology and prefer to have the ability to control their own sheet. Our services include a professional Customer Service dept. to handle all your inquiries, modern websites and well-maintained servers with full System Redundancy, with no need to worry about DDOS attacks as we have a 7-layer protection. And all our off our products and offerings are mobile friendly for both the agent and the player.

  • Don't leave a paper trail

    Our advanced pay per head software can completely replace your old paper sheets. All of your player details, balances, actions, and histories are stored securely online on servers located outside the US. This is safer and more convenient and you can access your information from anywhere with a computer or mobile phone, with no paper trail. Our site also allows messaging between yourself and your players so nothing is stored on your phone.

  • I want full control over my rules and lines

    Joining the wrong pay per head service can mean a loss of control and cost you $$. But PayPerheadnow gives you complete control over the board, the lines, and all of the rules or limitations you want in place. Just tell us what you need, and we make it happen.

  • Growing your business

    By opening yourself up to an online pay per head service, your horizon is suddenly endless. In addition, the cost of growing your package is much less, since you are utilizing all the tools of a large company with dedicated resources in handling the day-to-day running of your business. Think of the time and effort you can save!

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